Meet the Workers: Maria Rebolledo

Maria Rebolledo
LAX Airport — Los Angeles, CA
member of UNITE HERE Local 11

Maria Rebolledo has been an airline food worker for 7 years in Los Angeles, California. As the legal guardian of her nephew, Maria started working in the airport because it provided a stable job where she wouldn’t have to travel.

Maria became a workplace leader through simply sticking up for herself, and translating for her coworkers when they needed to communicate with management. When Maria was injured on the job, she advocated for the workplace accommodations that the company needed to give her. When she heard that the airline industry makes $35 billion in profits, she was surprised, astonished, and angry. It didn’t make sense when thinking about how hard her coworkers worked, and how they had to fight tooth and nail for small raises.

She encourages workers everywhere to unite. When there’s more people we can make a difference, and workers are more likely to be heard. Once you begin to speak out, other workers can use it in their own fight. Maria is fighting not only for herself, but her family and her coworkers.