The UNITE HERE Airline Catering Summit!

Our contracts—LSG Sky Chefs, Gate Gourmet, and Flying Food Group—don’t expire until the end of 2018, but we have already begun to demand real improvements.  100 airline catering worker-leaders from 20 kitchens around the country joined forces in Baltimore on November 15/16 to make plans to win MUCH better contracts. From Boston to Los Angeles, workers shared their struggles, their triumphs, and strategized on the path to work together and win more together.

President D. Taylor addressed the crowd. He emphasized that workers at Sky Chefs, Gate Gourmet and Flying Food are going to play a significant role in UNITE HERE’s work next year. He also urged the workers to build solidarity amongst each other as the fight for fair wages and respect in the workplace continues.

Nuestros contratos con LSG Sky Chefs, Gate Gourmet y Flying Food Group no vencen hasta finales de 2018, pero ya hemos empezado a exigir mejoras en el trabajo! El 15 y 16 de noviembre, 100 líderes de airline catering representanto a 20 cocinas alrededor de nuestro país se unieron en Baltimore para hacer planes para ganar contratos mucho mejores. Trabajadores desde Boston hasta Los Angeles compartieron sus luchas y triunfos, e desarrollaron estratégias de cómo ambos trabajar y ganar más juntos.

El Presidente de UNITE HERE, D. Taylor, animó a que todos trabajaran en solidaridad en la lucha para mejores sueldos y respeto en el trabajo.



UNITE HERE International President D. Taylor addressing the crowd at the 2017 Airline Catering Summit.

Steph Bethea, Local 7 Baltimore member, welcoming everyone to his city.

Leaders in the kitchens shared their stories about they’re fed up with disrespect, poverty wages, heat in the trucks, the high cost of healthcare and more. Workers stood up and shared their thoughts on what they’re fighting for and their plan to build stronger representation at work.

Los líderes de las diferentes ciudades compartieron sus historias, ya que están hartos con la falta de respeto, los sueldos de miseria, el calor en los camiones, el costo alto de la seguranza de salud, y más. Otros compartieron el por qué están luchando y su plan de hacer más fuerte a sus compañeros de trabajo.

Local 355 member Zulia Accosta urging workers to join the fight!

Local 23 member Nelson Robinson discussing the wages at Sky Chefs.

Jewel Prevo, Recording Secretary at Teamsters Local 528, encouraging workers to have a voice.

Rafael Leon, Local 11 leader, sharing his story on organizing the kitchen at Flying Foods.


Powerful airport and airline unions, who recently won big increases in their contracts, were with us to pledge their support, including the AFA/Flight Attendants, IBT/Teamsters, and SEIU.  So were unions from England and overseas that represent airline catering workers globally.

Otros uniones fuertes de trabajadores de aeropuerto — algunos que recién ganaron grandes aumentos — se juntaron a la junta para declarar su apoyo, entre ellos AFA/Flight Attendants,IBT/Teamsters, y SEIU. También llegaron miembros de uniones de Inglaterra, Holanda, Argentina, India y otros países.


Panel discussion between AFA, Teamsters, SEIU and UNITE HERE.

Jorge Provosta drawing connections between Argentinian workers and the U.S.



To end, we wrapped up with a pledge to organize for equality, safety and respect.  Chants of ¡Si, Se Puede! (Yes, We Can!) reverberated through the conference. Everyone left with a renewed commitment to fight for fair compensation and recognition for the hard work everyone at LSG Sky Chefs, Gate Gourmet and Flying Food does!

Para concluir el programa, todos firmaron una promesa a que organicemos para la igualdad, la seguridad, y el respeto. Gritaron: ¡Sí se puede! Y todos se fueron con un compromiso renovado a la lucha para un pago justo y el reconocimiento que merecen todos que trabajan en LSG Sky Chefs, Gate Gourmet, y Flying Food Group.

Workers from across the country sat down together to share their stories.

Workers participated in many presentations on safety, cross union solidarity, and more!


Local 100 members came back to NY & NJ stronger than ever.

Local 11 members signed the pledge for equality, safety and respect.