The FED UP Day of Action!

Workers from LSG Sky Chefs, Gate Gourmet and Flying Foods rallied all over the country for the FED UP day of action!

From Local 8 Seattle to Local 26 Boston, we’re FED UP with the airlines! Hundreds of workers were fired up over the lack of federal taxes the airlines pay. United Airlines, Delta Airlines, and American Airlines have made record profits of over 10 million dollars a day. Yet over the last 3 years, those airlines have paid $0 in federal income taxes. They have no excuse for paying poverty wages.

Check out this awesome video featuring actions from across the country. Starring Local 26 Boston, Local 23 Charlotte & Washington D.C., Local 5 Honolulu, Local 1 Chicago, Local 24 Detroit, Local 11 Los Angeles, Local 355 Miami, Local 17 Minneapolis, Local 100 New York and New Jersey, Local 362 Orlando, Local 274 Philly, & Local 2 San Francisco.

Airline catering workers are #FedUp with corporate greed!

Last week, at more than a dozen major airports across the U.S., hundreds of airline catering workers protested low wages at a time when the Big 3 airlines — American, Delta and United — haven’t paid federal income tax for the last three years, despite record profits of over $10 million A DAY during that time. Airline catering workers struggle to make ends meet on as little as $8.20 an hour. In some cities, caterers for the Big 3 pay less than area minimum wages or established living wage standards for other airports. Often forced to work multiple jobs to survive, these workers are taking action by calling for higher wages and equality. #FedUp #1u #unitehere

Posted by Unite Here! Local 5 on Monday, March 19, 2018

Click the link for more photos and reports from the Day of Action!

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