JJ Castillo

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
Coordinator, 3 years
Member of UNITE HERE Local 2

“JJ” Castillo is the son of a UNITE HERE Local 2 leader. Born and raised in San Francisco, JJ works two jobs to be able to afford a one-bedroom in the city he grew up. He recognizes that too many of his coworkers commute from very far because of the high cost of living in the Bay Area. Despite the struggle, JJ works hard to help support his grandmother. It’s thanks to his mother’s leadership in the union that led him to be a fighter for himself and his coworkers.

“I’m fighting for everybody. All of us who deserve better health insurance and better pay. I think about the ladies that work in the cold kitchen; without them, there’s no food on the plane, no carts, and no record profit numbers. I think about those ladies that are carrying the whole company on their back, working in the cold, and how they deserve much more than what they’re given right now.”

JJ Castillo in San Francisco, CA