Joyce Pobee

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
Equipment & Sanitation, 5 years
Member of UNITE HERE Local 23 (Dallas)

For 5 years now, Joyce Pobee has proudly catered flights for American Airlines out of one of their biggest hubs in the country at DFW. She loves her job, and feels American, whose headquarters are based in the Dallas-area, has been an overall positive presence for the community. Joyce is FED UP with having to work overtime just about every week to support herself and family members who rely on her and paying nearly $500 per month for the company’s inadequate health insurance plan. With the physical demands and safety risks of her job in equipment and sanitation, she needs better coverage to take care of her health.

Joyce Pobee in Dallas, TX

“I love my job. But the wages are not good. I have to work about 20 hours overtime every week, which is really hell for me. There are so many of my coworkers sleeping in their cars because we are forced to work so many hours. The airlines like American are making money because we are sacrificing ourselves for them. We cater flights for them. They have to cater to us, too.”