WCNC CHARLOTTE: “LSG Sky Chef workers hold wage rally”

Workers who provide airline meals protested outside Charlotte Douglas Airport Sunday morning, saying airlines make billions but they barely make a living wage.

Members of the Unite Here union called it their ‘Fed Up Protest.’

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DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL: “LSG Sky Chefs workers at DIA say they’re not being paid minimum wage”

“Since I began work for Sky Chefs in March, I have been paid below the Colorado minimum wage. It’s hard enough to survive working for minimum wage, but with the company violating the minimum wage law, I can’t even afford my own place,” said Wislet Jerome, utility worker for LSG Sky Chefs at Denver International Airport

DENVER POST: “Denver workers accuse airline caterer LSG Sky Chefs of failing to pay state minimum wage”

Two Denver workers are accusing the country’s largest airline food contractor of knowingly paying them less than the state minimum wage to work at its kitchen serving Denver International Airport.

FORBES: “As Low-Paid Airline Kitchen Workers Speak Out, American And Delta Say They Have Paid For Raises”

U.S. airline industry wages and benefits have grown by $24 billion or 46% since 2010, according to industry trade group A4A.

But just outside the industry, in the kitchens where airline food is prepared and in the trucks where workers transport that food to the aircraft, wages have barely moved, which is why workers employed by the kitchens that serve flights in American Airlines East Coast hubs plan to demonstrate their concerns in the coming week.

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: “SFO says it’s investigating claims airport workers were underpaid”

San Francisco International Airport said it was investigating airline food contractor LSG Sky Chefs, after a labor union submitted claims that 136 employees in airport kitchens have been victims of wage theft.