“ I felt my body just tense up and I passed out. I went to stop the truck, but I couldn’t and I hit a wall. I was at Gate 220. I believe air-conditioning would have prevented this.”

Christopher Mays Sky Chefs Driver, PHX Airport

“I had been driving a 16-foot truck without air-conditioning. I was dizzy. My face was red and I was hot. I started taking the carts out of the truck but I felt like I was going to collapse, so I stopped. My head was spinning. My vision was getting blurry.”

María VillarrealSky Chefs Driver, DFW Airport

A prominent concern for both workers and travelers is safety, yet every day drivers and driver helpers for airline catering company LSG Sky Chefs say they are working in dangerous heat conditions. A study conducted by UNITE HERE of of Sky Chefs’ 386 drivers and drivers’ helpers uncovered several serious issues, including:

  • 95% of workers said their trucks didn’t have functioning Air Conditioning units.
  • Unsafe heat indices in truck cabins, with the heat index sometimes reaching in excess of 125ºF
  • Many workers have experienced heat sickness while driving, including dizziness, weakness, dehydration and passing out behind the wheel.

Percentage of surveyed workers who reported feeling dizzy or sick because of the heat while at work:

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These conditions put both passengers and workers at risk. With U.S. airlines earning a record $35 billion in profits in 2016, there is no reason why Sky Chefs’ drivers and drivers’ helpers should be subjected to hours of work in trucks with no air conditioning—all while servicing clients including American, Delta and United Airlines.

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Join Sky Chefs workers in calling on American, Delta & United to ensure that all trucks servicing their planes have functioning air conditioning.