THE STREET: “CEO Would Like American Airlines’ $5B ‘Steady State’ Profit to Be Shared With Kitchen Workers”

Day 3 Report: Meeting with Senator Booker + Philadelphia

On Day Three of the Fed Up Tour, our caravan visited no fewer than three cities along the tour route! The day began with an inspiring meeting with New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who received the group in his office and listened carefully as airline food workers shared with him their personal stories of working for subcontractors of the major airlines.

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Press Release for June 14 — American Airlines Shareholder Meeting, New York City


Meghan Cohorst, 239-503-1533, [email protected]
Adam Yalowitz, 202-826-4086, [email protected]

At American Airlines Meeting, Food Workers, Passengers and Retirees Say “We Are Fed Up!”

Mayor de Blasio speaks out in support of low wage catering workers as they finish multi-city tour through AA hub cities

NEW YORK—Protesting at American Airlines’ annual shareholder meeting, dozens of airline food workers gathered with retirees, passengers and immigrant rights organizations to call out the airline for perpetrating indignities against both airline passengers, former American Airlines employees, and airline food workers. The rally was the final event on airline food workers’ multi-city Fed Up Tour, which also visited American Airlines hub cities Charlotte, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio voiced his support for airline food workers. “The executives at American Airlines should remember that the hard work of thousands of people make their profits possible. I urge them to swiftly ensure all workers are paid a living wage and are treated with dignity and respect,” said Mayor de Blasio. Read more

VIDEO: Fed Up Tour — Day 2

Day 2 Report: Washington, D.C.

After a night of rest following the long drive north from Charlotte, the Fed Up Tour crew was ready for a packed day in the nation’s capital! They started the day by splitting up to visit each of the Metro D.C. area’s three airline food kitchens:

…and spent the morning talking with other workers about their shared experiences working in airline food kitchens.

Tour participants also collected signatures on postcards they’ll be delivering directly to American Airlines’ annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday. You too can add your signature for a postcard to be delivered in your name! Click here to sign.

After a morning in the kitchens, it was time to return to D.C.’s Freedom Plaza—site of several exciting past actions by airline food workers—for a rally and delegation to the headquarters of airline industry group Airlines for America! Read more

VIDEO: Fed Up Tour — Day 1

Press Advisory for June 13 — Philadelphia

Airline food workers to bring multi-city “Fed Up Tour” to Philadelphia

13 workers who prepare food for American at airports across the country will join Philadelphia airline food workers at a rally outside subcontractor Sky Chefs

Meghan Cohorst, 239-503-1533, [email protected]
Adam Yalowitz, 202-826-4086, [email protected].org

What: Dozens of airline food workers rally outside Sky Chefs, subcontracted catering provider for American Airlines

When: Tuesday, June 13, 3pm

Where: 8401 Escort St, Philadelphia

Who: Airline food workers from across the country join Philadelphia workers who prepare, pack and deliver food and beverages to American and other carriers.

NOTE: Airline food workers are available now through June 13 for interviews on their personal experiences working to prepare and deliver food for American and other major airlines, including their poor wages and working conditions, and how they are connected to passenger treatment. Read more

Day 1 Report: Charlotte

The Fed Up Tour kicked off bright and early on Sunday morning at Charlotte-Douglas Airport! Tour participants spent the morning handing out leaflets and talking with departing passengers, and, unsurprisingly, they found many of them who were just as Fed Up with the airlines as they are! It turns out that hidden fees, overbooked flights, and low wages aren’t exactly the […]

WCNC CHARLOTTE: “LSG Sky Chef workers hold wage rally”

Workers who provide airline meals protested outside Charlotte Douglas Airport Sunday morning, saying airlines make billions but they barely make a living wage.

Members of the Unite Here union called it their ‘Fed Up Protest.’

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