Meet the Workers: Margarita Hernandez

Margarita Hernandez
LAX Airport – Los Angeles, CA
member of Unite Here Local 11

Margarita Hernandez has been an airline food worker for 20 years. Marguerita fought hard to win the respect of her coworkers, and she was active in the fight for a living wage in Santa Monica. When her coworkers say thank you, it motivates her. As a leader in her union, and a committee member, she is a fierce and passionate member of her community.
She’s fed up because she wants to be healthy and safe, and the wages and healthcare she gets doesn’t allow that. She is fighting for her coworkers, the future generation, her family, her grandkids, because no one should suffer the same way she did. She encourages others just learning about the campaign to participate, because we need a good life for our children. The workers will keep fighting until we finish the campaign, and anything can be possible once we come together.

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL: “LSG Sky Chefs workers at DIA say they’re not being paid minimum wage”

“Since I began work for Sky Chefs in March, I have been paid below the Colorado minimum wage. It’s hard enough to survive working for minimum wage, but with the company violating the minimum wage law, I can’t even afford my own place,” said Wislet Jerome, utility worker for LSG Sky Chefs at Denver International Airport

Meet the Workers: Eunice Peguero

Eunice Peguero
BOS Airport — Boston, MA
member of UNITE HERE Local 26

Eunice Peguero is 31 years old and has been working as an airline food worker for 9 years. Her best moments as a worker in Boston have been when she’s won grievance battles with other workers. She’s fed up with the airlines making billions while her coworkers make the same miserable salary.

When Eunice became a leader in the work place in order to become a voice for the workers in her shop, especially the ones who are afraid to speak up. She’s fighting for the future and her two babies. She hopes the campaign wins because all airline food workers really need it.

Meet the Workers: Anna Constance

Anna Constance
PHL Airport — Philadelphia, PA
member of UNITE HERE Philadelphia

Anna Constance is originally from Liberia. She’s been working as an airport food worker for almost a year. Anna wants to motivate others to become advocates through her own leadership in the workplace. Her favorite part about working in Philadelphia is knowing her coworkers are united in wanting better for their families, and working with others from different cultural backgrounds.

Anna is fed up because the airline companies treat people like objects rather than human beings, and that the wages she receives are nowhere near a livable wage in her city. She encourages others, especially elected officials, to stand in solidarity with airline food workers.​

Meet the Workers: Yamilet Vigueras

Yamilet Vigueras
MIA Airport — Miami, FL
member of UNITE HERE Local 355

Yamilet Vigueras has been working as an airline food worker for 2 years. She’s fed up with the exploitation, the lack of healthcare, lack of respect, and the low salaries airline food service workers receive. She encourages other airline food workers to have their urgency in this fight outweigh their fear. If workers left their fear, they would have power.

When she found out the airlines made $35 billion in profits, she was angry because she saw her coworkers living in poverty. She was then sad, because it’s clear the companies don’t recognize that the workers have families, just like the executives.

DENVER POST: “Denver workers accuse airline caterer LSG Sky Chefs of failing to pay state minimum wage”

Two Denver workers are accusing the country’s largest airline food contractor of knowingly paying them less than the state minimum wage to work at its kitchen serving Denver International Airport.

Meet the Workers: Maria Rebolledo

Maria Rebolledo
LAX Airport — Los Angeles, CA
member of UNITE HERE Local 11

Maria Rebolledo has been an airline food worker for 7 years in Los Angeles, California. As the legal guardian of her nephew, Maria started working in the airport because it provided a stable job where she wouldn’t have to travel.

Maria became a workplace leader through simply sticking up for herself, and translating for her coworkers when they needed to communicate with management. When Maria was injured on the job, she advocated for the workplace accommodations that the company needed to give her. When she heard that the airline industry makes $35 billion in profits, she was surprised, astonished, and angry. It didn’t make sense when thinking about how hard her coworkers worked, and how they had to fight tooth and nail for small raises.

She encourages workers everywhere to unite. When there’s more people we can make a difference, and workers are more likely to be heard. Once you begin to speak out, other workers can use it in their own fight. Maria is fighting not only for herself, but her family and her coworkers.

Largest Airline Food Contractor Alleged to Violate Wage Laws in 5 Cities, Lost Wages Could Total Over $12 Million

Contact: Adam Yalowitz, 202-826-4086, [email protected]

Largest Airline Food Contractor Alleged to Violate Wage Laws in 5 Cities, Lost Wages Could Total Over $12 Million
New wage theft claims filed against LSG Sky Chefs in Denver and San Diego, ongoing disputes with local authorities in Seattle, Miami and San Francisco Read more

FORBES: “As Low-Paid Airline Kitchen Workers Speak Out, American And Delta Say They Have Paid For Raises”

U.S. airline industry wages and benefits have grown by $24 billion or 46% since 2010, according to industry trade group A4A.

But just outside the industry, in the kitchens where airline food is prepared and in the trucks where workers transport that food to the aircraft, wages have barely moved, which is why workers employed by the kitchens that serve flights in American Airlines East Coast hubs plan to demonstrate their concerns in the coming week.

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE: “SFO says it’s investigating claims airport workers were underpaid”

San Francisco International Airport said it was investigating airline food contractor LSG Sky Chefs, after a labor union submitted claims that 136 employees in airport kitchens have been victims of wage theft.